Welcome to Oikei, a server dedicated to hosting FOSS services and front-ends!

Oikei is run by yuko and bruno. More info can be found on the "Team" page.

How do I sign up to your Matrix homeserver?

To sign up to our homeserver you can use a client like Element Web to register. Just set the homeserver to 'oikei.net' and fill in the blanks. Before registration, please check our rules and privacy policy.

Server info

Server Information
OS: OpenBSD 7.3 amd64
Host: Hetzner vServer
Location: Germany
Packages: 108 (pkg_info)
CPU: AMD EPYC (3) @ 2.445GHz
Memory: 4096MiB

Where can I contact you?

Join our Matrix room at #chat:oikei.net.