Welcome to Oikei, a server dedicated to hosting FOSS services and front-ends!

Oikei is run by yuko and bruno. More info can be found on the "Team" page.

How do I sign up to your Matrix homeserver?

To sign up to our Matrix homeserver, go to our Element Web instance, click "Create Account" and fill in the blanks. Alternatively, use a client of your choice and set the homeserver to 'oikei.net'.

Before registration, please check our rules and privacy policy.

Server info

    Server Information
    OS: Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm) x86_64
    Location: Germany
    CPU: AMD EPYC (4) @ 2.495GHz
    Memory: 8192MiB

Where can I contact you?

Join our Matrix room at #chat:oikei.net.

Alternatively e-mail us: webmaster at oikei dot net