Oikei is shutdown

What happened?

The postgres database (the database on which all matrix and invidious information is stored) completely filled up the volume it was on suddenly while I was asleep. I woke up to realize this and directly went to my computer to try and fix this. I was in a rush since I only had 30 minutes to fix this. What I did was accidentaly remove the pg_wal directory, which stores critical information about the database. Right after I clicked enter I noticed what I did, but it was too late. It wasn't anything to worry about however, since I had a backup from yesterday which I could restore. After restoring the backup, Synapse simply did not work - the backup was corrupt. Then I tried to restore a backup from a week ago, it too was corrupt. At this point it was over for me, since literally only a day before I had started setting up a proper backup system (which wasnt yet complete), so there was no other recovery option.

What will happen?

I am very sorry for the sudden data loss. I should have made a proper backup system long before this, so I would be protected from dumb mistakes like this. There is no way to recover your data and Im very sorry